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Assistance & Administrative Support

Practical assistance in five areas

Incoming and Outgoing Economic Immigration

  • Incoming immigration procedure
    • Support for the entire immigration procedure: applications for work permit, visa and residence permit following determination of the most appropriate procedure
    • Support for return visas for France when receipts do not allow return to French territory
    • Request for French naturalization
    • Request for recuperation of French citizenship
  • Outgoing immigration procedure
    • Support for all work visa applications for your expatriate employees (e.g.: intra-company visa transferred to the USA, Germany, etc.)


  • Assistance for registration with CPAM, the French social security regime for seconded foreign nationals or with an employment contract under French law
  • Assistance for registration with voluntary expatriate employee insurance funds, caisse des Français de l’étranger, Humanis, insurance, etc.
  • Assistance for registration with family allowance funds

Secondment – Module Sold Separately

  • Prior posting declaration with French authorities
  • Prior posting declaration in EU countries (eg. Limosa in Belgium)
  • Establishment of a document equivalent to a payslip
  • Support to get the certificate of coverage abroad for social security purpose (eg.. A1 or SE 404-02,…)
  • Representation of the foreign company in France

Impatriation: Registration of the Foreign Company without Establishment in France

  • Registration of the foreign company with Bas-Rhin URSSAF
  • Payslip production

Employment Contract Without Subsidiaries Abroad

(Eg: you hire a Spaniard under an international employment contract to work in Spain to develop the Spanish market and you do not have a subsidiary)

  • Accompaniment for the implementation of the registration of your company with tax and social security authorities
  • Accompaniment set up of payroll for your isolate employees in accordance with to the country’s standards (ex: UK, Spain, USA)
  • Other specific request : contact us