Our training services on the following topics are made to measure and can be taught in French, English and German


immigration law, Labour Law, Social Security Law, International and European Social Security Law

  • Immigration procedures, work permits or work visas (foreigners not requiring a work permit) and residence permits
  • Recruitment of foreigners in France, change of status, student accessory work, change of employer, change of address
  • Management of international secondments for intra-group mobility
  • Management of secondments in the provision of international services
  • Welfare protection of foreigners in France
  • Other: on request


Social Security Law, International and European Social Security Law

  • Welfare protection of expatriate and seconded employees
  • Management of local contracts
  • Short-term postings
  • Other: on request

International mobility:

International and European Social Security Law, International Private Law (e.g.: ILO Convention)

  • Third-country nationals: law applicable to third country nationals, GECs (Global Employment Company), international social security conventions, International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, etc.
  • Welfare protection in Europe: application and interaction of EU regulations R883/2004 and R987/2009
  • Welfare protection around the world: application and mechanisms of bilateral inter-country social security agreements (E.g.: Israel-UK agreement)
  • Comparison of welfare protection regimes around the world
  • Other: on request