Analysis of the Applicable Legislation

We are Jurists specialising in international mobility, providing complete and pragmatic answers to impatriation or expatriation questions for businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium large or major corporations. We focus on three areas: labour law, foreigner law and social security law.

This is expressed through:

  • assistance, allowing our HR clients to fulfil their legal obligations
  • identification of delicate points in order to secure practices
  • cross-disciplinary expertise (labour law, social security law, foreigner law)
  • support for cases related to employee impatriation and expatriation

Management of foreign employees-impatriates:

  • Verification of the status of the foreign employees in the company
  • Identification of the legal status of foreign employees in the company in order to verify compliance with the laws in force
  • Study of specific situations

Welfare protection

  • Determination of applicable legislation in the case of multiples activities within Europe
  • Comparison of secondment vs. expatriation regarding welfare protection costs
  • Consulting services and studies on the application and the mechanisms of EU Regulations R883/2004 and 987/2009
  • Management of inter-country employees (or third country nationals): study and decryption of international social security agreements outside France (e.g.: Italy-USA)
  • Study of welfare protection systems around the world, pension regimes, health care, provident schemes, comparing with the French welfare protection regime, etc.
  • Personalised study of the mechanisms of pension records for employees having contributed to more than one international regime
  • Advice on CPAM declaration obligations for short-term international postings
  • Expatriation package calculations and advice on information obligations

Labour law

  • Transnational and international secondment: recommendations on obligations for the secondment of foreign employees to France
  • Assistance in determining the legal status of foreigners offering services in France, and the host company’s related obligations

We set up a helpline providing

Assistance on issues relating to the legislation applicable to foreign nationals in France as concerns:

  • immigration law
  • social security law
  • right of residence and travel for foreigners in France
  • labour law
  • visa law
  • etc.